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Oliver Adams employs over 450 people. We are an equal opportunity employer who welcome applications from everyone. All we ask is that you are willing to work as a member of a team and co-operate with management and the other employees. 

You can contact us for further information, or go to our  application form page. You can then print the application form, fill it in and post it to us.

A Food Hygiene course is held at Oliver Adams Head Office nearly every month of the year. Between Dec.05 and Oct.06 there were 98 employees who obtained the Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene, with some very high pass rates. Well done to all of them

NVQ TRAINING We are also busy with NVQ training. There have been 6 staff members achieve the NVQ L2 Bakery Retail certificate, Linda Rice, Jane Matthews, Tony Meade, Tina Mason, Brenda Faulkner and Elaine Wills. There are a further 7 people on the course at the moment with another 6 about to start. In addition, there have been 3 staff members achieve the NVQ L2 Bakery certificate, Mick Bates, Mark Pearson and Dave Winchcome. Annan Millicient has achieved the NVQ L1 and is currently working towards NVQ L2

Training also includes FIRE AWARENESS. A video is being shown to all members of staff. Eleven shops have seen it so far along with the night shift and the office staff at the Bakery. Coming up next year will be a HACCP course “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” and is a Food Safety methodology that relies on the identification of Critical Control Points (CCP's) in food production and preparation processes.


In December 2002 a management decision was taken by Mr Thomas Adams our Managing Director to introduce an NVQ Bakery Training program for our bakery staff. It was becoming impossible to recruit any trained bakery staff, and the day release to the local college was not suitable for the training that the company required.

Mr Philip Mitchell, formerly a full time bakery lecturer and more recently a senior demonstrator for Unifine Dohler UK, was appointed as  Training Officer. Thomas Danby College in Leeds, who are highly regarded within the bakery training industry was selected as the course provider for NVQ Bakery Training. Twenty two bakery staff diligently worked through NVQ Level 1, ably supported by Thomas Danby College staff, and achieved their goal in July 2003. The same staff will continue to work towards their NVQ Level 2 award this coming year. A further six supervisory staff are following the A2 Assessors Award. Ian Grace and James Cooper are currently attending Northampton College on a day release basis, following an NVQ Level 3 bakery course where theory subjects are covered in greater depth.

Oliver Adams Ltd are to implement NVQ Retail Training at Level 2 for their 21 shops with some 60 shop staff involved. Three senior shop managers/ manageresses will undertake the A2 Assessors Course to run concurrent with NVQ Level 2. In May 2002, Oliver Adams Ltd became a registered accredited training centre for the Royal Institute of Public Health. Since that date some 136 staff from both bakery and retail shop's have been successful in achieving their basic food hygiene and safety certificates. Oliver Adams Ltd is growing from strength to strength, encouraging all staff to achieve individual goals, this is reflected in a positive attitude throughout the workforce and bodes well for the future.

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